Thursday, 14 June 2012

 The Mall of Dubai

At times I use to wonder that why did I like Dubai so much? What was it about this small city that made it so popular for tourists around the world. Dubai on its own has a very small history and because it did not consist of any eye catching landscape, then why were so many people pulled towards it.
One of the things which fascinated me most was the malls of Dubai.  They were not merely the hub of shopping and eating but also a great source of historical and cultural knowledge.  Each mall had its own significance and architectural theme which derived people towards them.
Ibn Battuta mall, it’s named after a Moroccan traveler who journeyed more than 121,000 Km, a figure which was not surpassed by anyone until the emergence of steam engine.  The elegant mall consists of six courts which reflect the architecture and cultural themes of places such as Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China.

China Theme in Ibn Battuta Mall
Persian Theme in Ibn Battuta Mall
Egypt Theme in Ibn Battuta Mall

India Theme in Ibn Battuta Mall

Andalusia Theme in Ibn Battuta Mall


Dubai mall is the world largest shopping and entertainment destination.  It consists of 1200 retail outlets, two anchor department stores and 160 food outlets.  It is a great place for family to have fun and enjoy many different entertainment facilities within the mall.  One of the greatest attraction which pull people around the globe is the 3D water aquarium which showcases natural coral and most common fishes around the globe.

When I was living in Dubai, this aquarium was under construction and I couldn’t wait to visit it.  However, the project was delayed and it finished after I moved to Canada.  If I visit Dubai again, then Dubai mall is on my top five destination list.  A friend of mine visited this place last year and told me that it is like walking in the ocean and exploring the beauty of coral reef which I want to experience as well. 



Have you ever dream of experience -15 degree celius in the heart of the Dessert. The mall of emirates have one of the most magnificent indoor ski world. Before coming to Canada, it was my fantasy to play in the snow or snow tube from the hill as I  never experienced in my home country or in Dubai.I went with my cousins and it was just a fabulous. They provided us with winter jacket and boots. What we were really missing were the mittens.


  1. Wow. This is just unbelievable. This makes me not want to ever visit Square One ever again...
    I have experienced 3D water aquarium quite a few times in the past, but I would never expect this kind of attraction to be located within a Shopping Mall... This is interesting, thanks for sharing!

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